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Change Management and agile approaches

Do you know that about yourself? You are part of a change process that is necessary and already well planned – and yet the implementation does not work, and some team members are already in resistance. You are not alone, this is the case in 70% of all change processes! Whether it is the implementation of the New Year’s resolutions or the digitalization – change always means behavioral change and the “human factor” is not always sufficiently considered in its unpredictability. During this program, you will receive a practical toolbox to steer change processes in a pragmatic way. You will shed light on your own role in change processes and the appropriate inner attitude. Working with the toolbox and on your own attitude follows basic principles of agile work. In this way, you additionally gain a general understanding of agile methods and reflect on their areas of application outside of change management. Already during the program, in small groups you will start to develop concrete change measures for real change challenges in your team or project, working in an agile way. You will define the “why” of your own change challenge more clearly and understand how you can shape the change in a positive way.

Introducing Agility

For most of us, Agility has become a hype word within our daily business and sometimes it seems that it has become a term that is used as a solution for everything. But what does Agility actually mean and where does it come from? Do we use the term in the right context today? What are Agile values, principles and common methods? Do you have an understanding of when to use Agile approaches - and when not? Meet your virtual thyssenkrupp colleagues Kelly and Tom and find answers to these questions in this thyssenkrupp Academy E-Learning.


- Recap DMAIC - Implementation of agile principles in the DMAIC - General Express simulation – Let’s get agile - How to integrate agile in the individual phases – ideas and tools - How agile elements can be used across phases Helpful (digital) tools - Final quiz

Thinking out of the box – What the hell is "agile"?

This interactive impulse session will give you insights why agile concepts are helpful the context of “Dynaxity” (increasing dynamic and complex working environments). It will cover where agile approaches makes sense (and where not). In addition we will have a short deep dive in agile project approaches like “SCRUM” and “Kanban”.

What the hell are OKR's?

This session will give you insights why the OKRs concept is helpful the context of increasing dynamic and complex working environments. It will cover where the OKR approach makes sense (and where not). You will get impulses how to start with OKRs: How do I define the right goals? What are "Key Results"? How do I measure OKRs? How do OKRs help me in my daily business?

GetReady for SCRUM Master

SCRUM is an unstoppable trend in agile project management that is being used more and more in internal as well as external projects. Do you seek to dive into the SCRUM world and get certified as a globally recognized Professional SCRUM Master™ I (PSM I)? Then this preparation program is exactly what you need! The ability to use SCRUM in your daily work requires a deep understanding of the method, its mechanisms and the required roles. In this 2-day SCRUM program, you will be introduced to the basics of the SCRUM method. You will learn where and how to use SCRUM, which tasks and functions you have to fulfill as a SCRUM Master in a SCRUM team, how to scale this method for your environment and also how to combine SCRUM with other methods such as PRINCE2, PMP®. The role of the Product Owner is also covered in sufficient depth to aim for a subsequent PSPO I exam.
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