Short-term program seats

#1 MS Teams – make virtual meeting moderation effective

In this virtual program you will get security in the use of MS Teams and improve your facilitator skills. You learn how to use MS Teams functions such as chat, webcam and breakout rooms in a new way that makes MS Teams meetings much more effective. You get concrete ideas how to increase participants‘ attention by using different interactive elements. You get tips and tricks how to efficiently structure and organize your MS Teams meetings.

Finance Bootcamp – Finance and Controlling Fundamentals for Non-Financials

One of thyssenkrupp’s top strategic priorities is the sustainable stabilization of the financial situation. This task is not only within the responsibility of our executive board, managing directors and top leaders. We can only be successful if we think and act in an entrepreneurial way on all company levels. The prerequisite for successful entrepreneurial activity is a fundamental understanding of business economic mechanisms – which is conveyed in this practice-oriented program. For this purpose, you will not only concentrate on creating a deeper understanding for general key performance indicators to analyze the financial performance of a company but also on the direct transfer to your own area and tasks within thyssenkrupp. You will learn how to systematically evaluate cost and value drivers in your own area and how to adjust them to maximize the financial performance.

Leading in Dynaxity – Leadership Reflection

Leadership in an environment that is characterized by high dynamic and complexity (dynaxity), requires the structure and design of (more) agile organizational units. This does not require less leadership, but rather a different kind of leadership. This program therefore provides a precise map of classic and agile leadership and the associated attitudes. In addition to understand the new concepts, the program offers possibilities for a personal internalization of the underlying way of thinking which finally enables a real expansion of the leadership repertoire in practice. Contents here are: - Why leadership changes and must change - Constructive handling of ambiguity, dynamics and complexity - Leading teams in a potential-oriented manner – role and strength-based cooperation

Presentations with wow effect – Present clearly and confidently

In any profession, making a good presentation is the be-all and end-all. Successful presentations require much more than colorful PowerPoint charts. Bad presentations and speeches are lost time and wasted opportunities.  Together with your trainer, you will work out what you need to do to spark the audience: How do I prepare properly? How do I practice a presentation? How do I make a good first impression? How do I place my message effectively? How do I convince – indeed, how do I inspire – my audience? 

Project Management Fundamentals – How to manage projects professionally

Project work is increasingly becoming a daily task at thyssenkrupp. Whether it's external customer projects or internal changes – the structured handling of projects is a key success factor for achieving the project goals set, completing the project on time, and using resources efficiently. In this program, you will learn to apply project management methods and processes to projects according to the latest industry standards.

PowerPoint at thyssenkrupp: Creating appealing slides in corporate design

In this training we will introduce you to the basics of corporate design as part of corporate identity and how you can use the wide range of PowerPoint functions to create appealing presentations in thyssenkrupp corporate design. But what exactly are corporate design and corporate identity at thyssenkrupp? You will find out in this workshop. <pr> Using the thyssenkrupp styleguide, we will familiarize ourselves with the visual language and typical elements of thyssenkrupp presentations, applying useful resources and PowerPoint features in this regard. This will give you the tools you need to create presentations that not only meet thyssenkrupp’s design standards, but are also worthwhile and convincing.

PowerPoint at thyssenkrupp: Creating appealing slides in corporate design

This course shows you how to efficiently design presentations in the thyssenkrupp corporate design. With the help of the thyssenkrupp styleguide, you will also learn which formatting and visual language are used at thyssenkrupp. In addition, effective tools and sources will be used.

Shaping Leadership Communication

The current changes regarding thyssenkrupp’s structure and business performance pose even more communication challenges on you as our top leaders. This program broadens your view on communication as a key leadership task: - How do I create inspiration, followership and motivation among others? - How do I strategically address others not only with the right message at the right time, but also with the right format to spark engagement, dialogue and honest openness? - How can I prioritize messages and express them with clarity while finding the right balance between what can and should be shared with others?

Conflicts! Let’s tackle it! – Identifying causes and solving conflicts

In this program you will learn to recognize conflicts at an early stage, to analyze them and to deal with them constructively. You will learn what the psychological background is for escalating conflicts, which conflict traps you can fall into and how to leave typical roles and patterns in order to be able to shape conflict situations in a solution-oriented way again. You know your own conflict style and can identify that of conflict partners. You will be able to involve your conflict partners in conflict management and use suitable methods to conduct conflict discussions in an appreciative and solution-oriented manner and to moderate them in a de-escalating manner.

What the hell are OKR's?

This session will give you insights why the OKRs concept is helpful the context of increasing dynamic and complex working environments. It will cover where the OKR approach makes sense (and where not). You will get impulses how to start with OKRs: How do I define the right goals? What are "Key Results"? How do I measure OKRs? How do OKRs help me in my daily business?

Female Empowerment – Speak up and shine!

Strengthen your inner attitude and express yourself with a strong voice You will get to know your voice inside and out, learn to use it in a targeted way and be able to act and speak confidently in different professional situations. You will consolidate your inner strengths and combine them authentically with your external expression. This will help you gain presence and assertiveness!

Project Management Advanced – Steering projects to success in a targeted

In this program, you will receive in-depth qualification for the goal-oriented control of projects. Depending on the complexity of your internal or external project you will learn to scale those accordingly. Keep the focus and control the scope and quality, as well as the deadlines and costs professionally with the involvement of the project team.

GetReady for SCRUM Master

SCRUM is an unstoppable trend in agile project management that is being used more and more in internal as well as external projects. Do you seek to dive into the SCRUM world and get certified as a globally recognized Professional SCRUM Master™ I (PSM I)? Then this preparation program is exactly what you need! The ability to use SCRUM in your daily work requires a deep understanding of the method, its mechanisms and the required roles. In this 2-day SCRUM program, you will be introduced to the basics of the SCRUM method. You will learn where and how to use SCRUM, which tasks and functions you have to fulfill as a SCRUM Master in a SCRUM team, how to scale this method for your environment and also how to combine SCRUM with other methods such as PRINCE2, PMP®. The role of the Product Owner is also covered in sufficient depth to aim for a subsequent PSPO I exam.

Powerful words! Confident and convincing in personal communication

You will learn the basics of persuasion, appreciation and receiver-oriented language in personal communication. You will work on techniques for leading discussions and you will explore how to remain authoritative and calm, even in difficult situations. You can distinguish different types of communication-preferences and know how to address them in an appropriate way. You will recognize the impact of your own behavior on others and strengthen your persuasive power.

Hot Topics

Lean & Agile
For most of us, lean and agile have become buzzwords and sometimes it seems that they have become terms that are used as a solution for everything. But what does lean and agile actually mean and where do the terms come from? What are lean and agile values, principles and common methods? Do you have an understanding of when to use lean and agile approaches – and when not?

Hot Topics

Leading and Working in a Hybrid World
Hybrid working – The interplay of people, some working in physical teams with others working virtually at the same time. The programs thatt you find in this hot topics provide you with the best possible support for the challenges of changing cooperation.

Hot Topics

Leading in Dynaxity
Our working world is characterized by high dynamics and complexity: Dynaxity. Control and management approaches that have been successful so far reach their limits of effectiveness. This hot topic includes learning opportunities for the development of a basic changing attitudes for leadership in a dynamic and complex world.

Hot Topics

Pathways to a Healthy Workforce
The selection of programs in the hot topic “Pathways to a healthy workforce” bridges the gap between entrepreneurial performance and the fundamental prerequisites for this – the health and satisfaction of employees and managers.

What our clients say

Sales Excellencetk
Federn und Stabilisatoren GmbH

Martin Meischein

"Together with the thyssenkrupp Academy we produced e-learnings as video trainings for our CRM system, which exceeded our expectations for quality and utility. The training videos facilitate the global rollout of the system and make the on-boarding process of new colleagues convenient and autonomous. Our colleagues at the Academy accompanied us in the didactic conception of the digital learning content, introduced us to the usage of the production tool and provided professional support throughout the entire process."

Manager Operation Service
thyssenkrupp Presta AG

Martin Jenny

"The program Leadership Communication offers the opportunity to reflect on the personal leadership skill to arouse emotions. Experienced and competent facilitators give advice and feedback on your leadership presence and behavior. Furthermore, you will get the chance to give and receive valuable feedback from your colleagues and thereby train this skill as well."

Business Developer/ Technical Specialist
thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG

Erika Niino-Esser

"With rapidly growing teams at thyssenkrupp nucera I am happy to share our knowledge within our company. Thanks to the Digital Learning Team of the tk Academy we created an E-Learning-Series as well as a SimpleShow to support the on-boarding and development of our new colleagues. The work with the tk academy has been not only successful on a business level but also a great pleasure. A true success story!"

Leiter Arbeitsschutz
thyssenkrupp AG

Dr. Jörg Arnold

"The Pathways program of the thyssenkrupp Academy makes it possible to experience how change processes for improving the safety culture can be initiated and controlled at the operational level. Quite practical, without all bells and whistles. A great experience!"

General Manager Operations
thyssenkrupp Bilstein GmbH

Andreas Müller

"Our front line leadership transformation program together with the Academy created great impact. It is not a classical training with lectures and seminars. Shift leaders translate a new way of leadership directly in concrete improvement projects."

Leiter des globalen IT-Sicherheitsdienstes
thyssenkrupp Business Services GmbH

Dörthe Pult

"Intensive, highly relevant and cutting-edge programs with positive impact on my day-to-day business. I can strongly recommend the Academy's offerings."

Global HR Business Partner Bergbautechnologien
thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions

Tina Siegert

"The Academy not only helped me develop myself both personally and professional with interesting trainings but also supported me in my role as Global HR Business Partner with workshops focused on concrete tools that added value to our business."

For Teams & Organization

Performance Culture
We are operating in a world that requires businesses to manage growth and performance at the same time. We can support your business to build the organizational capabilities for sustainable performance – in terms of leadership, strategy, customer approach, operations, innovation, etc.

For Teams & Organization

Digital Transformation
Developing and driving digital business is a matter of technology, but it also requires an organization that can continuously adapt and evolve and it requires the right people skills. We can customize your digital transformation journey with you, giving inspiration on technologies and organizational practices and helping you upskill your people in current digital skills.

For Teams & Organization

Customer Centricity
More and more, customers are uncompromising in demanding quick and competitively priced customized solutions. We support you in building an organization that puts your customer in the center and help focus your people and processes on an outstanding customer experience.

For Teams & Organization

Agile Organization
Numerous solutions for enhancing organizational agility have evolved, and it is quite challenging to work your way through the jungle for the specific solution that is right for your business. With our programs we help you identify and customize the agile organizational set ups, methodologies and tools that move your business forward.

For Teams & Organization

Business Model-Innovation
Our constantly changing market environment is putting pressure on our businesses to permanently adapt our strategy, products, processes and business approaches. Our programs give you insights on how business model innovation works and how continuous business renewal can be built into your business system.

For Teams & Organization

Are you in need of a quick intervention for your team, such as a project kick-off, a leadership team retreat, a team workshop, ….? Together we can design something that will fit your situation.

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